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reviews on SS poetry

‘I read Rain with considerable admiration and pleasure. It is a word-perfect collection and its subject matter is both the measure of the rain and the spoken line’.

—Amit Chaudhuri in The Statesman ‘Best Book of the Year’

‘Sudeep Sen’s poems are a present which bring — like all true poetry — so much companionship’.

—John Berger, Booker Prize Winner and author of The Ways of Seeing (Penguin/BBC)

‘A wonderful poet’. 

— Yehuda Amichai, Selected Poems (Faber & Faber)

‘A highly sophisticated poet’.

— Kaifi Azmi, author of Selected Poems (Viking Penguin)

‘A gifted poet .... I think everyone who works in Indian literature in English should thank him for all he has done’. 

— Dom Moraes in Sunday Midday

Prayer Flag is an unique object of art that reveals two intrinsically linked artistic sides of Sen’s work and talent: words and images. Perfection of musicality, tone and cadence is tuned to produce the finest resonance… a gift to treasure from a master artist.

— Tom Alter in Biblio

‘A rich, fluent, cosmopolitan voice’. 

— Peter Bradshaw in London Evening Standard

‘Sen has emerged as a leading poet of the English language — has a painter’s eye when depicting a scene [commands] superb skill’. 

— Khushwant Singh in Sunday Observer

‘A poet of technical facility … has produced a large body of work’.

— Bruce King in The Oxford English Literary History (OUP)

‘Sen [has] extended the range of Indian verse in English to encompass a variety of alternative views of language, history and culture’. 

— Chris Cook ed., Pears Cyclopaedia (Penguin)

‘Sen is an eclectic poet whose understated work eschews fashionable trends, while exhibiting considerable technical virtuosity and versatility’.

— John Thieme in Cambridge Guide to Literature in English (Cambridge University Press)

‘Sen is amongst the finest younger English-language poets in the international literary scene. A distinct voice: carefully modulated and skilled, well measured and crafted’.

— Gregor Robertson on BBC Radio

‘I’ve enjoyed reading Distracted Geographies — the spare language gives importance and adds significance to each word. In fact, the words ripple in the surrounding silence, like stones dropped into a still pond. The poem moves forward in a restrained, contemplative manner (a relief from much contemporary histrionics), and draws the reader into its emotional landscape. I especially enjoyed the images and references drawn from the world of science — as Calvino said: the literature of the third millennium must engage with science if it is to remain relevant and vital’. 

— Tom Petsinis, author of The French Mathematician (Penguin)

‘From a wet Scottish morning to the lonely moment of self-discovery in a Gothic atmosphere symbolizing stillness,Distracted Geographies: An Archipelago of Intent captures all with the piercing precision of language, tonal lyricism, and unique scientific patterning of the book’s architecture. Visionary, sensual and transcendental — we have to thank Sudeep Sen for a truly remarkable book 

— a tour de force’. — The Independent

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