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reviews on SS translation

‘Sudeep Sen’s marvellous poetic career makes him the outstanding literary representative of his generation. The rich range and resonance of his work covers his poems, translations, editing, anthologizing, and discursive prose. An unerring poetic intelligence works here.’

— Dilip Chitre, Tukaram: Says Tuka (Penguin)

‘These elegant and precise translations from various languages are like tying up a bunch of subtle fragrances. Common concerns of humanity are expressed differently by each poet so one doesn’t feel a stranger among strangers.’ 

— Gulzar, Selected Poems (Viking Penguin)

‘Translation is a supremely hard task and often a thankless one. Sudeep Sen, a distinguished poet in his own right, accomplishes this task magnificently, translating as only a poet can, for to translate poetry, it should go without saying, one must be a poet of distinction.’

— Daniel Weissbort, founder-editor with Ted Hughes, Modern Poetry in Translation

‘For Bengali poetry to take its rightful place in the international world of letters, it needs an international translator. Who better than Sudeep Sen? Add to the Bengali the translations from Hindi, Urdu and many other languages from all four corners of the world, and you have a wondrous, intricate embroidery threads of many colours twisting and interweaving: a cloth that all nations can wear. Most impressive.’

William Radice, Rabindranath Tagore: Selected Poems (Penguin Modern Classics)

‘The work of translation is the work of comprehension, or rather the building up of a network of comprehensions. It enables people of different languages to share something that lies at the heart of human experience, which is the transformation of experience into language. Sudeep Sen has constructed a community of voices, a properly wide-ranging community, where true poems find proper echoes in the common cave of a new language a mammoth work and a real achievement.’

— George Szirtes, New & Collected Poems (Bloodaxe)

‘Prolific as a poet, ... and a dynamic presence on the literary scene ... [Sen has also done] vigourous work as translator.’ 

— Arundhati Subramaniam on Poetry International Web

‘In this superlative book of translations, Sen uses his gifts as a poet, linguist, cosmopolitan traveller and observer to conjure, in Coleridge’s phrase, the ‘best words in their best order’ .... A fine collection of poetry which takes the best from classical and modern traditions and integrates them into a stunning whole.’

— Jenny Lewis on Molossus

‘In this artfully put together anthology, Sen translates from many languages. Sen’s own translation of Jibanananda Das’s Banalata Sen is luminous enough to carry the entire book.’

— Arshia Sattar in Outlook ‘The Best Books of the Year 2009’

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