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reference/critical books featuring SS

2009 Poetry, Politics and Culture: Essays on Indian Texts and Contexts (Routledge: London/NewYork/New Delhi) by Akshaya Kumar

2009 Representations of a Culture in Indian English Poetry (Indian Institute of Advanced Studies) by Mita Biswas

2006 Silent Tongues: Writings in Contemporary Indian Poetry (New Delhi: AuthorsPress) by Rabindra K Swain

2004 The Oxford English Literary History [Vol 13, 1948-2000] (Oxford University Press: Oxford) ed. Bruce King

2004 Writing Across Worlds: Contemporary Writers Talk (Routledge: London/New York) ed. Susheila Nasta

200? Cambridge Guide to Literature in English (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge) ed. Dominic Head

200? Encyclopaedia of Post-Colonial Literatures (Routledge: London/New York) eds. Benson & Connolly

2003 Post-Colonial Studies: The Essential Glossary (Arnold: London) ed. John Thieme

2002 Routledge Companion to Black British Culture (Routledge: London/New York) ed. Allison Donnell

2000 Pears Cyclopaedia (Penguin: London/New York) ed Chris Cook

2001 Trends and Techniques in Contemporary Indian English Poetry (Prestige: New Delhi) ed. Rama Nair

2001 Indian English Literature 1980-2000 (Pencraft International: New Delhi) eds. M K Naik & Shyamala A Narayan

2000 Commonwealth & Post-Colonial Literatures (British Council: London) ed. John Thieme

1999 Now Read On: Multicultural Reader (Routledge, London/New York) eds. John McRae & Edwin Vethamani

1999 Who’s Who of Indian Writers (Sahitya Akademi: New Delhi) ed. K C Dutt

1998 Journal of Contemporary History (Sage) by Shyamala Narayan

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