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atlas magazine

ATLAS a book[maga]zine of "new writing, art & image" is edited & designed by Sudeep Sen. It was launched in the UK, USA & India in 2006, and very quickly established itself as one of the leading international magazines of its kind. It presents the best of Indian and international writing to India and the world.

Atlas is a gallimaufry of literature the purpose of which is, in the words of its editor Sudeep Sen, "to present the best of Indian and international writing to India and the world." In this it succeeds beautifully. A new, fiercely bright torch has been lit. 

                                                         MURROUGH O'BRIEN in The Independent on Sunday

Atlas represents the first self-styled 'bookzine'. Contents prove enticing ... making [its] mark in the margins.

                                                         TRAVIS ELBOROUGH in The Guardian

Nota Bene. The Times Literary Supplement

It's difficult to decide which aspect of Atlas is most impressive: the masthead, the number of editorial offices, or the magazine.s sheer girth (400 pages). But however jaw-dropping those may be, readers will be most impressed by the ... contents.
                                                         KEVIN LARIMER in Poets & Writers Magazine

A world-class magazine a steal of a collector's item.
                                                         ANJANA RAJAN in The Hind


Do we need another literary magazine? If it's Atlas, the answer's a resounding yes. 
                                                         INDRAJIT HAZRA in The Hindustan Times


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