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books by sudeep sen


2012 Blue Nude: Poems & Translations 1977-2012 (forthcoming)

2010 Dreaming of Cezanne Gallerie (forthcoming)
2009 Aria [translations] Yeti Books & Monsoon Editions (India) / 2010 Mulfran Press (UK)
2009 Heat Web del Sol [e-book] (USA)
2005 Rain Gallerie & Mapin (India) / Grantha (USA)
2003 Distracted Geography: An Archipelago of Intent Wings Press (USA) / 2004 Peepal Tree (UK), Indialog (India)
2003 Prayer Flag [CD / poetry & photography] Wings Press (USA) / Peepal Tree (UK)
2002 Monsoon [re-issued in 2005 as Rain] Bengal Foundation (Dhaka) / Aark Arts (London)
2001 Perpetual Diary Aark Arts, London
A Blank Letter The High Commission of India (Dhaka)
2000 Lines of Desire University of South Carolina / Triad
Almanac University of South Carolina / Triad
2000 In Another Tongue [translations] University of South Carolina / Triad
1999 Retracing American Contours University of South Carolina / Triad
1997 Postmarked India: New & Selected Poems HarperCollins
1995 Daliís Twisted Hands Peepal Tree Books, Leeds
1994 Mount Vesuvius in Eight Frames Peepal Tree Books, Leeds
1994 South African Woodcut Peepal Tree Books, Leeds
1993 Parallel [CD /Audio Cassette] The Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh
1993 New York Times The Many Press, London 1995 Rupa, (including Kali in Ottava Rima)
1992 Kali in Ottava Rima Paramount, London 1995 Rupa, (including New York Times)
1990 The Lunar Visitations White Swan Books (New York) 1991 Rupa (New Delhi)
1986 The Man in the Hut [limited hand-bound edition] Davidson, North Carolina (USA)
1983 Leaning Against the Lamp-Post / 1996 [reprinted] Triad & University of South Carolina (USA)


2002 Postcards from Bangladesh (with Tanvir Fattah & Kelley Lynch), University Press Limited
BodyText (New & Selected Fiction: forthcoming)
Tracing Lines: Selected Prose (Essays & Criticism: forthcoming)

[As] Translator

2009 Aria Yeti Books & Monsoon Editions (India) & 2010 Mulfran Press (UK)
2005 Love Poems by Shamshur Rahman |London: Aark Arts
2003 Spellbound & Other Poems by Fazal Shahabuddin | London: Aark Arts
2001 Love & Other Poems by Aminur Rahman | London: Aark Arts
2000 In Another Tongue University of South Carolina / Triad
Selected Poems by Anamika | London: Aark Arts (forthcoming)

[As] Editor/Co-editor

2010 The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry by Indians (forthcoming)
2010 Katha Poetry E-Book Anthology (New Delhi: Katha) (forthcoming)
2010 Modern English Poetry from Bangladesh Dhaka: University Press Limited (forthcoming)
2009 The Literary Review Indian Poetry USA: Farleigh Dickinson University
2006 Biblio South Asian English Poetry (a portfolio) New Delhi: Biblio
2006―present Atlas: New Writing, Art & Image London/New York/New Delhi: Aark Arts
2005 Sestet: Six New Writers Berlin: Free University & London: Aark Arts
2004 Midnightís Grandchildren: Post-Independence English Poetry from India Macedonia: Struga Poetry Evenings [in Macedonian translation]
2002 Dash: Four New German Writers Berlin: Humboldt University & London: Aark Arts
2002 Shawkat Haider: A Day with Destiny Dhaka: Azeez
2001 Hayat Saif: Selected Poems Dhaka: Pathak Samabesh
2001 The British Council Book of Emerging English Poets from Bangladesh Dhaka: The British Council
2001-4: Six Seasons Review Dhaka: University Press Limited & London: Aark Arts
1998 Index for Censorship [Poems] Songs of Partition (a portfolio) London: Index for Censorship
1996 Lines Review Twelve Modern Young Indian Poets Edinburgh: Lines Review
1995 Wasafiri Contemporary Writing from India, South Asia & The Diaspora University of London.

Selected Senís poetry in translation as books/chapbooks/broadsheets

2009 Triztanís Timex [Norwegian / trans. Birger Huse]

2009 Cyclical [Polish / trans. Malgorzata Wilk & Karolina Janus]

2009 Geographies [French / trans. Dominique Vitalyos & Dominique de Gasquet]
2007-present Regen|Rain [Dutch / trans. Susan Ridder / work-in-progress]
2006 Lluvia|Rain [Spanish / trans. M Dolores Herrero]
2005-present Sudeep Sen ki Kavitaye [Hindi / trans. Anamika / work-in-progress]
2004 Alexanderís Soil: Selected Poems [Macedonian / trans. Zoran Anchevski]
2002 La Sencilla Malta|The Single Malt [Spanish / trans. Raul Jaime]
2003 Barsha [Bengali / trans. Aminur Rahman]
2003 Prarthana Pataka [Bengali / trans. Aminur Rahman]
2000 Ekti Khali Chithi [Bengali / trans. Aminur Rahman]
2002 Remembering Hiroshima Tonight [German / trans. Andrea Vialli]
20?? Ilhan Berk and other poems [Turkish / trans. Nese Yasin
20?? Remembering Hiroshima Tonight [Greek / trans. Kariofilis Mitsakis]
20?? BodyText [Hebrew / trans. Dan Daor]
20?? Lines of Desire [Hebrew / trans. Amir Or]
20?? Lines of Desire [Romanian / trans. Curtea d Arges Poetry Festival committee]
20?? Lines of Desire & Other Poems [Korean / trans. Kim Ku Sul & Park Hae Won]
20?? Prayer Flag [Hungarian / trans. Domokos Johanna]

Important anthologies & publications featuring poetry /prose of Sudeep Sen

2010 The HarperCollins Book of English Poetry by Indians (HarperCollins) ed. Sudeep Sen [forthcoming]
2010 Initiate: An Oxford Anthology of New Writing (Oxford: Blackwellís) eds. Jane Draycott, Clare Morgan, Jonathan Evans, Franke Egerton & Rita Ricketts [forthcoming]
2010 Indivisible: An Anthology of Contemporary South Asian American Poetry (USA: University of Arkansas Press) eds.
Neelanjana Banerjee, Summi Kaipa & Pireeni Sundaralingam
2010 The Book of Worst Meals (USA: Serving House Books), eds. Walter Cummins & Thomas E Kennedy
2010 River Sutra: Anthology of Indian River Poems, (New Delhi: India International Centre), eds. K Satchidanandan & Kapila Vatsyayan [forthcoming]
2010 A Pocketful of Wry: Indian Poets Also Laugh (Penguin), eds. Arundhati Subramaniam & Jerry Pinto [forthcoming]
2010 Thirteen Young Indian Poets in English (Kathmandu: Pratik/New Delhi: Nirala), ed. Jayanta Mahapatra & Yuyutsu Sharma [forthcoming]
2010 Seven Indian English Poets in Hindi Translation, ed. & trans. Savita Singh [forthcoming]
Borders (Pune: Open Space | CCDS) ed. Priya Sarukkai Chabria
2009 Leela ó An Erotic Play of Verse and Art (Collins), ed. Alka Pande
2009 The Literary Review Indian Poetry Anthology, ed. Sudeep Sen (TLR/Fairleigh Dickinson University)
Language for a New Century: Contemporary Poetry from the Middle East, Asia & Beyond (New York/London: W.W.Norton) eds. Tina Chang, Nathalie Handel & Ravi Shankar | Foreword by Carolyn Forche
2008 Writing Across Borders (writers.ink) ed. Niaz Zaman
2008 Of Rickshaws and Rickshawallahs (University Press Ltd) ed. Niaz Zaman
2008 Here and Now: Contemporary Poetry of Delhi (New Delhi: Delhi Poetree)
New Writing 15 (London: Granta & British Council) eds. Bernardine Evaristo & Maggie Gee
2007 Findings on Ice (Amsterdam & Baden: Lars Muller Publishers) eds. Astrid van Baalen & Hester Aardse
2007 I Indialand (Torsby, Sweden: Heidruns Forlag) ed. Bengt Berg
2007 Best of Gallerie 1997-2007 (Mumbai: Gallerie) ed. Bina Sarkar Ellias
50 Poets 50 Poems (Pune: Open Space | CCDS) ed. Priya Sarukkai Chabria
All Poetry is Protest (Pune: Open Space | CCDS) ed. Priya Sarukkai Chabria
Ninety-Nine Words (Orissa: Panchabati Publications) ed. Manu Dash
2005 Indian Love Poems
(New York: Knopf / London: Everyman Library) ed. Meena Alexander
2005 Confronting Love: Contemporary Indian Love Poems (Penguin India) eds. Jerry Pinto & Arundhati Subramaniam
2005 Masala (London: Macmillan) ed. Debjani Chatterjee
2003 Midnightís Grandchildren: Contemporary English Poetry from India ([in Macedonian] SPE, Macedonia) ed. S Sen
2003 Gods, Mongrels & Demons (London: Bloomsbury) ed. Angus Calder
2002 Home & Away: Diaspora Voices (London: Index for Censorship) ed. Ursula Owen & Stephen Watts
2002 From Briarwood to Barishal to Bangladesh (London Arts UK) ed Sanchita Islam
2002 Poems & Sources (USA: Fairleigh Dickinson University) ed Thomas Kennedy & Walter Cummins
2001 Post Independence Voices in South Asian Writings (Doaba, New Delhi) eds. Malashri Lal, Alamgir Hashmi & Victor Ramraj
2000 The Redbeck Anthology of South Asian Poetry (Redbeck UK) ed. Debjani Chatterjee
2000 Edinburgh: An Intimate City (Edinburgh Council Scotland) eds B Fraser & E Greig
2000 Vilenica International Writersí Anthology ([in Slovenian] Drustvo Slovenskih Pisateljev, Ljubljana) ed. Itzok Osojnik
2000 Institutionalizing English Studies: The Post-Colonial/Post-Independence Challenge (Toronto: Ariel) eds. Gauri Viswanathan & Victor Ramraj
1999 Now Read On: Multicultural Reader (Routledge London/New York) eds. John McRae & Edwin Vethamani
1999 Chai (Storey Books Vermont USA) ed. Diana Rosen
1998 Agenda Anthology of Poems Essays Translations (Agenda London) eds. Anita Money & William Cookson
1998 Post-Colonial Discourse in South Asia (Alif Cairo) ed. Ferial Ghazoul & Stephen Alter
1998 Poeti Indiani Del Novecento [di lingua inglese] ([in Italian] Supernova Venice) ed. Shaul Bassi
1998 Songs [Poems] of Partition (Index for Censorship, London) ed. Ursula Owen & Judith Hall Vidal
1998 Ariel 50th Anniversay of India & Pakistanís Independence (Toronto) eds. Malashri Lal, Alamgir Hashmi & Victor Ramraj
1997 India 1997 With Affection (London Magazine UK) ed Alan Ross
1997 Fifty Years of Independence: Poetry from the India Sub-Continent (Acumen UK) ed. Patricia Oxley
1996 Lines Review Twelve Modern Young Indian Poets (Lines Review, Edinburgh) ed. Tessa Ransford / guest ed. S Sen
1996 Vox: New Indian Fiction (Sterling Bombay) ed. Jeet Thayil
1995 Wasafiri Contemporary Writing from India, South Asia & The Diaspora (Wasafiri/ QMW College, University of London) ed. Susheila Nasta / guest ed. Sudeep Sen
1995 The English Review Contemporary Poets 12 (Oxford University/Philip Allan Publishers) eds. John Carey & Cicely Havely
[19??] Work (Katabasis London) ed. Dinah Livingstone
[19??] Home (Katabasis London) ed. Kathleen McPhilemy
1993 An Anthology of New Indian English Poetry (Rupa New Delhi) ed. Makarand Paranjape
1992 Barnet Poetry Anthology (Barnet Council London) eds. Dannie Abse, Katherine Gallaghar, Debjani Chatterjee

Important anthologies & publications featuring poetry translations by Sudeep Sen

The translations that appear in the two books Aria and In Another Tongue were first featured in: Agenda, Atlas, Best of Gallerie 1997-2007, Daily Star, Gallerie International, Modern Poetry in Translation, Molossus, New Internationalist, New Quest, Independent, Poetry International Web, Rotterdam PIW Chapbook, Shine Magazine, Six Seasons Review, SPE Editions, and broadcast on bbc, air, among others. They also appeared as free-standing books, chapbooks, broadsheets, posters, postcards; or have been featured (or are forthcoming) in important anthologies:

2010 The Essential Tagore, eds. Fakrul Alam and Radha Chakravarty (Santiniketan: Visva-Bharati & Cambridge: Harvard University Press);
2010 Interior Decoration: Poems by Women from 10 Indian Languages, eds. Ritu Menon, Vasanth Kannabiran, Ammu Joseph, and Volga (New Delhi: Womenís World India & Women Unlimited);
2010 River Sutra: An Anthology of Indian River Poems, eds. K Satchidanandan & Kapila Vatsyayan (New Delhi: India International Centre);
2009 Fire in the Soul: 100 Poems for Human Rights, ed. Dinyar Godrej (Oxford: New Internationalist & London: Amnesty International);
2009 Poetry International festival chapbook by Mangalesh Dabral (Rotterdam: Poetry International);
Banalata Sen by Jibanananda Das (London: Aark Arts);
Diptych by Gulzar (London: Aark Arts);
Selected Poems by Anamika (forthcoming);
Love Poems by Shamsur Rahman (London: Aark Arts);
Spellbound & Other Poems by Fazal Shahabuddin (London: Aark Arts);
Love & Other Poems by Aminur Rahman (London: Aark Arts);
Selected Poems by Zoran Anchevski (electronic edition by Shine Magazine);
Strategy of Defeat: Selected Poems 1984-2000 by Zoran Anchevski (Skopje: Jugoreklam);
Anthology of Macedonian P.E.N. Poets, ed. Zoran Anchevski (Skopje: Macedonian P.E.N. Centre & Blesok);
Parabolas and Capriccios: Selected Poems by Petko Dabeski (Struga Poetry Evening Editions);
Poetry International Web online [http://india.poetryinternationalweb.org/piw_cms/cms/cms_module/index.php?obj_id=14009];
Blue Nude: Poems & Translations 1980-2010 by Sudeep Sen (forthcoming).

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